An artificer is an individual who lives on the edge of magic and science. They are craftsmen and engineers, mixing the arcane and divine with a new discipline: technology. Artificers are students of exotic sciences and theories, and are often viewed with distrust, derision or outright hostility by those versed in traditional magic.

Adventures: Many artificers live a life of seclusion, far from the outside world, where they are free to hone their understanding of science, magic and technology far from the prying eyes of the ignorant. For other artificers, however, the world is their laboratory — life is best spent traveling to foreign lands and learning everything they can. Their theories and skills can be thoroughly tested only through regular application, which adventure affords.

Characteristics: Artificers are driven by a unyielding thirst for knowledge, but often at the expense of their social skills. In many ways, they are the archetypal ‘mad scientist’, reveling in invention but difficult to understand.

Alignment: Artificers are far more interested in their work than in its moral implications. As such, all artificers tend towards neutrality. Lawfully minded artificers focus on methods for improvement and the betterment of society, while Chaotically minded artificers tend to follow their whims, whether that road leads them to inventions of creation or destruction.

Background: Similar to wizards, artificers receive formal training and education through years of hard study. The talents and desire to enter the world of the artificer often manifest at a very early age, through the disassembling of objects and devices for no other reason that curiosity. Artificers are a closely knit society, sharing a sense of camaraderie with others who have similar training and knowledge. They relish intellectual debate and conversation with their fellows, sharing theories and commentary upon each other’s techniques and innovations. Rivalry between artificers is common, with each viewing themselves as the pinnacle of a rare and exclusive breed, and eager to correct the “mistakes” of their rivals.

Role: Artificers are valuable support within their party, offering technological and magical assistance to others. Their weird science abilities make them well suited to augmenting the specific needs of any adventuring group.

Alignment: Any Neutral

Hit Dice: d6

Artificer Class Information



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