The High Sentinel Lodge


The High Sentinel lodge rests upon a ridge at the end of the trail, and has a small amount of clear space around it amid the engulfing trees. It stands at two stories tall with small stained glass windows and heavy wooden support beams carved into the likeness of bears and eagles.

Smoke rises from the chimney, and there are faint sounds of activity from within, though it is difficult to pinpoint from exactly where. The lodge is large enough though that it could house a great many bandits and rousing the ire of all the potential occupants would be suicidal indeed. Discretion may be key from here on out.

DC 10 Knowledge Local
The High Sentinels operate out of a lodge here in the Border Wood to defend against Qadiran aggression and protect the southern prefectures from bandits and other local threats.

DC 15 Knowledge Local
The lodge rests atop Red Run Gorge and has been the base of operations for the sentinels for many years.

DC 20 Knowledge Local
Because of the lack of Qadiran aggression over the past decade, most of the veterans of the sentinels have retired or moved to other posts, leaving less experienced rangers from towns such as Heldren, and the distant city of Demgazi, to guard against whatever minor threats crop up, which have not been severe in quite some time.

The High Sentinel Lodge is constructed of heavy timber and stone harvested from the forested highlands of the Sharpened Hills, a jagged, nigh-impassible region southeast of the lodge.

Important: Unless otherwise noted, all of the doors in the lodge are constructed of strong wood (Hardness 5, HP 20) and are unlocked. Interior rooms are unlit unless detailed otherwise.

The High Sentinel Lodge

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