Ten-Penny's Room

A bed and chest sit across from one another in this small room. Two doors serve as exists, and a window looks out on the north side of the lodge.

The bed is richly appointed with a fine green quilt and many pelts to keep its occupant warm, and a soft feather pillow – perhaps the finest in the building, embroidered with small birds and holly buds.

“I suppose this was Rohkar’s way of trying to win me over. Might have worked a little better if he hadn’t also expected me to play mommy to all his lost boys.”

Tacey scoffs as she enters the room and looks around, shaking her head.

“It was nice, but I know that I can do better than this place, and that ass.”

Tacey unlocks the chest and gets out a healer’s kit and a potion of lesser restoration, which she quickly stores in a backpack and swings over her shoulder.

Ten-Penny's Room

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