Small Bedroom

On the north wall of the trophy room is another wooden door with no lock on it.

Upon opening it, the room beyond is unlit and silent. A single rumbled bed occupies this room, clearly missing the blanket from on top of it. A wooden crate sits at the foot of the bed near the only window, however the lid is missing and nothing remains inside of it. If anyone uses this room it is hard to tell, but there is no one here now.

A single stained glass window lets light into this room; this one with the image of a mountain cat climbing down from a pine tree; it’s keen golden eyes glittering like amber stones.

Beyond the window lies the trees that hug the north side of the lodge, currently bent low under the weight of snow and ice. Nothing noticeably new is outside at this time and shadows of the forest are creeping ever closer as the day drags on.

On the eastern wall of this room is another wooden door with no lock.

Small Bedroom

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