Sickroom (CR 1)

Four beds, two large chests and a single table with four chairs occupy this room. Three windows look out to the east, east and south, providing a grand view of the snowy gorge outside the lodge.

There are four bandits in the beds, each one pale and shivering from their affliction. As they realize that there are strangers in the room however, the begin to stir and shakily raise themselves to their feet.

“You can’t be here… Rohkar’ll string you up he will, now git or face the bite of steel!”

Hazard: Chillbane Shakes
Type disease, contact or inhaled; Save Fortitude DC 12
Onset 1 day; Frequency 1/day
Effect fatigued and sickened; Cure 2 consecutive saves

Anyone who spends more than 1 minute around the sick bandits, or searches the beds chest and discarded clothing is exposed to the chillbane shakes.

Sickroom (CR 1)

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