Rohkar's Room

Three doors open into this room. One from the small bedroom to the west, one from Tacey’s room to the east, and one from the south that enters into the area between the trophy room and the great room.

A sturdy bed heaped with blankets and pelts sits near the only window on the northern wall, and a large maple chest and book case occupies the southwest corner.

The bookcase is full of literature on local wilderness lore from identification of local flora and fauna, to guides on the proper techniques for preserving hides, meats, and fruits. There is also several books on various kinds of healing, including poisonous bites, ingestion of toxic plants and basic trauma care.

Additionally there are several types of skull on display on the shelf; a red rox, a lynx, a wolf, a brown bear and a hawk. An elk’s skull is mounted on the wall besides the shelf, presenting an impressive set of antlers.

The chest is of simple wooden design with iron reinforcement bands wrapped around it. About two feet tall by four feet wide, it is secured with a sturdy iron lock, and the key is not anywhere obvious in the room.

Sturdy Lock
Hardness 5, HP 15, Break DC 23, Disable Device DC 25

Rohkar’s Room Treasure
1. Gold Ingot
2. Spyglass
3. Silver Ring
4. Three Shards of Tiger’s Eye
5. Fine Elven Riding Boots
6. A Silver Dagger
7. Scroll Sealed with Green Wax
8. 2 Scrolls Sealed with Blue Wax
9. Scroll Sealed with White Wax

1. DC 15 Appraise – 50 gp
2. DC 15 Appraise – 1000 gp
3. DC 15 Appraise – 25 gp
4. DC 15 Appraise – 10 gp each
5. DC 15 Appraise – 15 gp
6. DC 15 Appraise – 22 gp
7. DC 21 Spellcraft (Read Magic required); DC 16 Appraise – 25 gp
Scroll of Endure Elements
8. DC 21 Spellcraft (Read Magic required); DC 16 Appraise – 25 gp each
Scroll of Magic Weapon
9. DC 21 Spellcraft (Read Magic required); DC 16 Appraise – 25 gp
Scroll of Unseen Servant

Rohkar's Room

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