Rat's Hut

Though perhaps the smallest dwelling in the village, even in its somewhat run-down shape this small hut is warm and spacious enough even for a man of Rat’s size. Though poorly furnished for the time being, there is a straw mattress covered in thick pelts bought off the hunters and loggers who come into town so often.

At the north end of the cottage is a simple ring of stones for a hearth, and a makeshift rack to hang a pot for soup off of. Several simple wooden shelves hold prized possessions, food stuffs and tools, and a large, broken but smooth piece of wood on two small stumps serves as a low table for Rat to eat off of.


Several chickens run around in the minute fenced in pen behind the hut, remnants of the last occupant who left town some years ago. The three spotted hens are hardly worthy of eating, but they do consistently lay eggs in their small coop.

An additional prize is a small, female goat which was given to Rat as a reward for fending off a hill cat that was threatening some of the town’s livestock. She is small, and fat, but she produces sweet milk and has enough wool on her to have a scarf and hat made so far for the cold months.


The hut was purchased by the owners of the Sawmill, however they are allowing Rat to slowly buy it from them by working at the mill. Mainly the job consists of lifting a variety of heavy things and moving them from one place to another, typically in the form of lumber.

To keep things simple for the half-orc, they simply deduct his payments from his pay, but at the end of each week he still walks away with enough silver to keep his belly full and a mug of ale in his hand.


Rat's Hut

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