Planning Room (CR 4)

An L-shaped table with many chairs takes up most of the floor space in this loft. A second smaller table sits near the entrance and several windows look over the snowy grounds of the lodge. In the southwest corner, a large map hangs on the wall, opposite another door in the northeast wall.

DC 15 Knowledge Geography
The map hanging on the wall is a map of the High Ridge.

The map seems to re-purposed from the sentinels original intentions as fresh ink stains mar the parchment and several daggers have been stuck into it to emphasize points of interest to the bandits. There is one strange thing about it though, which is a small circle drawn upon it further into the Border Wood than the lodge sits. There is no description for it, but all of the bandits markings seem to be a healthy distance from it.

“I see Heldren’s sent their finest… what a sorry lot.”

A yell comes from the great room and as you turn to leave this room and look down from the balcony, you see a man standing there with a wicked grin on his face.

“Greetings, I am Rohkar Cindren, humble servant of Norgorber.”

He puts his hand on the hilt of a wicked sword and steps back from the table, his snarl turning into a sneer. He is heavily adorned in winter garb, including a huge white fur cloak, and rich vestments more befitting a priest or a lord than a bandit.

“Well come on then. You may have killed my men, but there are always more like them… and there are things far worse than I here.”

As he speaks four skeletons rise up from the other side of the table, their bones caked in front and a malevolent gleam in their eyes; wielding weapons that must surely have once belonged to the sentinels.

“Kill them.”

Roll Initiative!

Planning Room (CR 4)

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