Lurin's Bakery


A fairly new arrival to the town, not quite ten years into retirement as the proprietor is, but the bakery has already made itself a well respected and beloved part of the community. Not a morning in Heldren goes by when the smell of roasting sweet breads and peasant loaf doesn’t come wafting over the town square and delight the senses.

Lurin Kressle takes pride in his baked creations and is always trying to outdo himself, especially at the harvest festival. Every year he creates a masterpiece of bread, and any accouterments that he feels will add to the ensemble. Last years creation was a loaf in the shape of a dragon, complete with fire made from candied fruit.


The home Lurin shares with his daughter Siphele is ample enough for the two of them, with one guest room to spare, and has a lovely garden in the back where irises, foxgloves, morning glories and buttercups bloom. A heavy, gnarled old peach tree leans towards the back of the house and every harvest Lurin treats himself and his girl to succulent peach jelly (not to mention his peach cobblers are legendary in town).

As much as Lurin loves baking, he also loves cooking, and to that end he has a wonderful personal kitchen set up inside their home where he makes braised venison and wild hare soup as often as possible. It is an average night for him to prepare such a meal, as well as corn bread and vegetables roasted with sweet sugared onions.


Siphele herself enjoys her own private room, with shelves and an old pine armoire for her clothes. Several candles illuminate the room from cast iron brackets and her bed even has a simple linen canopy over it that she can close for privacy and warmth in the winter months. She even has her own small hearth in the room for long chilly nights, and a windows that open so that she can let in the warm, sunny summer breeze.


Some other comforts possessed by her include a real feather mattress and pillow, and a quilt sown by her adopted mother before she died; embroidered to look like the stars, moon and sun. Finally, the old family dog is partial to sleeping on Siphele’s bed, whether or not she is there, and always fondly follows her around town when it can, wagging its long, silky tail.

Notable NPCs:
Lurin Kressle

Lurin's Bakery

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