Kitchen (CR 1)

A large fireplace takes up most of the north wall of this room, its radiant heat providing palpable relief from the cold weather outside. Cabinets and shelves line the remaining wall space, and four windows look out on the wintry landscape surrounding the lodge.

In front of the hearth stands a muscular woman with greenish grey skin, currently standing over a pot of simmering stew.

“I already told you, dinner isn’t done yet so why don’t you just go shove your naggin’ where the sun don’t-… oh.”

As she turns, you see she is a comely half-orc with long black hair that is pulled back behind her ears in pig-tails and is wearing a little more than half of nothing to cover her lovely curves. She draws a shortsword from her belt, but makes no move to attack yet; looking equally uncertain and intrigued by your presence here.


Before you have a chance to react to her diplomatically though, the loud thumping of boots heralds the entrance of more bandits as three brutish men come strolling in through the door.

“What the hell-!? Git ’em!”

Roll Initiative!

Of those present in the room, only the male bandits are participating in the fight. The half-orc backs up and watches, clearly interested in how the fight turns out.

When the bandits lay dead on the floor, the half-orc looks between the bodies and you before she lays her shortsword daintily on the ground.

“Well, like my mama always said, you gotta know when to fold and uhm… heheh, clearly fighting you won’t go well for me. So… I’ve got a proposal for you.”

The half-orc leans back against the stone of the hearth, and bites her full, pouty lips.

“A cat, a bruiser, a magician, a mad scientiest and a blind man. Eh… I’ve seen worse. I may not be the most morally accountable girl in all the realms, but I’m damn good at my job and I’ve had it up to my pretty pointed ears with these losers. So… what do ya say? I’ll do anything so long as you don’t ask me to cook. Think you could use some of Tacey Ten-Penny’s magic?”

Tacey gives you her best, fanged and tusky smile as she makes herself look as sweet and innocent as possible.

Kitchen (CR 1)

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