Great Room (CR 4)

A large table and two benches run the length of this hall, and a twenty-foot-high vaulted ceiling rises into the rafters overhead. To the west, a roaring fireplace provides a welcome heat and light while to the south, a flight of stairs ascends to a wooden balcony overlooking the room. A set of double doors stands in the wall to the east.

The room is now filled with straw mattresses and piles of blankets, all laid out as close to the fire as possible.

A heavy oak beam bars access to the doors on the east wall which leads out onto the lodge’s back porch.

No less than ten bandits are sitting in this room, obviously lookouts as they perch by the windows to watch for any intruders.

“Someone fetch our comrades! There’s blood to be spilt tonight!”

Roll Initiative!

As soon as the fighting starts, one of the bandits nearest to the southern wall ducks through the door there and shuts it behind him.

Note: Do not count this bandit against the 10 they have to fight.

200 XP each

Great Room (CR 4)

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