Eastern Trailhead (CR 2)

After climbing at least a hundred feet into the hills, the snowy trail finally levels off. In a clearing among the trees, the large wooden lodge overlooks a ravine spanned by a long rope bridge. Smoke rises from the lodge’s two snow-covered chimneys, and large woodpile is stacked against the outer wall.

A small outbuilding stands east of the lodge along a short, barely visible footpath, and a stone well nearly blanketed by snow is barely recognizable to the north. Several tracks, both from men and horses, lead southwest toward a detached stable.

DC 24 Perception (Secret)
High above in the boughs of the tall pines that overlook the lodge is a trap in wait for those who might dare to try and ascend to the lodge without the bandits knowledge. The keen point of a crossbow bolt leers down from the branches, and a barely visible wire line can be seen leading up into the trees… perhaps more importantly, the trap is jurryrigged to a line of pots and pans, seemingly just left out to dry, that would make a tremendous noise no doubt if the trap were sprung.

Award the PC’s 100 XP each if they successfully disarm or bipass the trap.

Numerous horse and human tracks cross back and forth through the snow near the back porch of the lodge. This is clearly the main route of approach for the bandits and undoubtedly the way they brought Lady Argentea after her capture; and the lodge is as good a place as any to hold a prisoner is this frozen blight.

There does not appear to be anyone currently on the path that leads to the front of the lodge, but that could change at any moment. The way can also be made around the north side of the lodge, passing under the tall pines that reach out their branches towards the bowed eaves of the building.

If tested, the back door is securely held shut by something inside it, and considering that the door opens outwards, it would be extremely difficult to break through whatever it might be; not to mention noisy.

Access through the back door is barred from within the lodge by a heavy oak beam across the door.

Door Bar
Hardness 5, HP 15, Break DC 25
It should be noted that the bar cannot be attacked directly from outside, so only the break DC applies.

Eastern Trailhead (CR 2)

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