Corner Bedroom

When entering the trophy room on the right hand side, opposite the kitchen, is a simple wooden door with no particular markings or indications of what is stored within.

Upon entering, you see however that it is a small bedroom with a single bed and a cupboard, which has no locks and two small wooden handles. Light comes in through a single stained glass window with an image of a pheasant sitting among holly hocks, and a simple green, red and gold diamond patterned border.

None of the bandits seem to have claimed this room, as everything has a faint layering of dust upon it. There is a faded brown quilt upon the bed which remains unused, and a single pillow, but otherwise there is nothing of interest on or near the bed. On the wall by the window is a small unlit candle on an iron bracket beneath the skull of a deer. A small shrine to Erastil no doubt.

When the wardrobe is inspected, it contains nothing but linens and spare blankets. All of the contents smell vaguely musty from lack of use; which is not unexpected as the bandits are hardly good housekeepers.

Corner Bedroom

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