Bridge (CR 4)

A bridge made of rope and wooden planks spans a narrow ravine. It’s already covered in ice and snow, and it sways alarmingly in the icy winds blowing through the gorge. The turbulent waters of a fast-moving creek surge through a couple of waterfalls far below.

A cold wind blows from the west, and burns your cheeks with its icy touch as it howls over the ridge beyond the bridge before you.

DC 15 Knowledge: Geography
The bridge leads to the High Ridge, a stony backbone of forested cliffs overlooking the entire forest, and provides the swiftest means of reaching the rest of the Border Wood. There are small game trails on either side of the ridge that would be perfect for monitoring those passing through the woods.

The bridge is 30 ft. across and the ravine is 50 ft. deep.

Hazard: Crossing the icy bridge under windy conditions carries considerable risk. Creatures moving faster than 5 feet per round while crossing the bridge must succeed at a DC 18 Reflex save or they lose their footing and fall into the 10 ft. deep creek below, taking 2d3 points of nonlethal damage and 1d6 points of lethal damage. Anyone who falls into the icy water must also succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude save or take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage and suffer from hypothermia (treat as fatigued).

Izoze maintains her distance if newcomers arrive at the lodge, counting on Rohkar to handle them. She only fights the PCs if they attempt to cross the bridge or attack her directly. Otherwise, she merely notes their assault on the lodge, and if they rescue Lady Argentea, she flies away to inform Teb Knotten of the Taldan noble’s escape.

DC 22 Perception (Secret)
A small, cobalt blue creature with leathery wings is perched in a tree on the other side of the ravine… it seems to be watching you.

With a hissing shriek, the small, winged outsider leaps from the tree and takes to flight, hissing to show her bared fangs. You can make out some female anatomy on her, but it is hardly flattering and she is covered in ice and has a thick, fur covered hat on her small head.

“Turn back, or face the wrath of Izoze!”

Then she draws in a great big breath and you can see tendrils of frozen air leaking from her mouth as she swoops down to attack!

Roll initiative!


DC 13 Knowledge: Planes
Mephits are the servants of powerful elemental creatures. Key sites and locations on the elemental planes are full of mephits scurrying about on important errands or duties. Each mephit is associated with one element that defines its spells and abilities.

DC 18 Knowledge: Planes
Ice mephits are commonly found on the Plane of Air. These mephits are cruel and aloof.

If Izoze Attempts to Escape (10 HP or less)
As the ice mephit begins to suffer greater injuries, she spits angrily and turns on her heels, starting to fly away.

“You’ll regret this! Teb Knotten will see to it that you pay!”

With swiftly flapping wings, she quickly takes to the sky, swooping and ducking down into the ravine while she tries to make a swift escape.

If the PCs actually defeat Izoze, award each of them 200 XP each.

Bridge (CR 4)

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