Character Information

Alemaer Saleris a.k.a. Fynn
The Cursed Prophet

Information Known About Fynn:
Fynn is completely blind and aided in life by an exotic and protective woman named Cordelia. He seems to be some sort of witch or sage, but it is hard to tell – he speaks little about himself. Though he appears to be some kind of humanoid, perhaps some breed of elf you’ve yet to come across, there is something otherworldly about him. There is also a strange and unsettling mark around his right eye… but you can’t quite but you’re finger on why it makes you so nervous. Perhaps though it has something to do with his unfortunate condition.

Hargulka Gorefiend a.k.a. Rat
The Savage Warrior

Information Known About Rat:
Rat is, as half orcs are sometimes want to be, uncouth and uneducated, but this is not of his own making. Rat is a fighter, and you can see this by the many dozens of scars that adorn his body and decorate the powerful muscles beneath. Standing tall, Rat cannot help but exude an intimidating presence; yet when one looks into his eyes they can see that there is more than a lust for war and blood in his soul. Perhaps there is complexity to the heart of this warrior that is yet to be revealed…

Hisami Miyuki
The Frozen Sage

Information Known About Hisami:
Hailing from exotic and northern lands unknown, this young girl carries with her an air of mystical beauty and a silent sorrow that dulls otherwise radiant eyes. If given the choice between the creatures of nature and humanity, she seems to lean towards the wild side and the company of beasts does not unsettle her in the slightest. For one so bound to nature though, she shows a surprising affinity for the arcane. Everyone has their reasons, and everyone has their secrets; even one so pure and innocent looking as this…

Siphele Kressle
The Silent Assassin

Information Known About Siphele:
Graceful, yet cavalier, she walks with authority and pride; and a smile that is as wicked as it is charming. No agent of the night should ever stand so straight as she, nor show the pride in their work as she does. Yet it is her devotion to the people of a nowhere town, her home, that strikes you deepest in all you see about her. Such tender devotion to the idea of a life for one who is so clearly from something so far from it is a contradiction not easily ignored. As the saying goes though, family is everything…

Character Information

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