Cervitaurs, despite their centaur-like appearance, are actually a type of fey. Unlike most of their kin though, they are primarily preoccupied with nurturing the natural world and protecting their territory from the incursions of industry and violent races. They do not generally make their presence known to outsiders, but they will on occasion befriend those from beyond their forests if they deem them worthy.

Of all the races in Golarian, elves are the ones that cervitaurs interact best with, but they are generally so reclusive that it barely matters anyway.

It is rare for a cervitaur to leave the protection of their groves, but those who do are either doing it for the good of the tribe or because a sense of wanderlust has claimed them. Though this does happen, it is the rarest reason for traveling.

Adulthood: 110 years old
Intuitive: +4d6 years
Self-Taught: +6d6 years
Trained: +10d6 years

Males: 5’6" +2d12 in.
Females: 5’0" +2d10 in.

Males: 220 lbs + 2d8 x 10 lbs
Females: 160 lbs + 2d8 x 10 lbs

Ability Scores:
+2 Dexterity and +2 Wisdom

Racial Traits:
Type: Fey
Vision: Low-Light Vision
Size: Medium
Land Speed: 50 ft.
Fey Resistance: DR 5/Cold Iron
Natural Attack: Gore and Hoof Attacks
Quick Reactions: Improved Initiative Bonus Feat

Starting: Sylvan and Common
Additional: Aklo, Elvish, Gnomish, Halfling, Goblin, Giant, Draconic

Alternative Racial Traits:
Arctic Blood: These cervitaur are almost entirely pure white, even their skin, and mottled with grey and black spots. Because their hooves are adapted for walking in snow, they are not as fast as their southern forest cousins and reduce their speed to 40 ft., however they have a luxuriously long, thick coat and a layer of fat under their skin which grants them Cold Resist 5.



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