While many ferocious combatants can tap into a deep reservoir of buried rage, bloodragers have an intrinsic power that seethes within. Like sorcerers, bloodragers’ veins surge with arcane power. While sorcerers use this power for spellcasting, bloodragers enter an altered state in which their bloodline becomes manifest, where the echoes of their strange ancestry lash out with devastating power. In these states, bloodragers can cast some arcane spells instinctively. The bloodrager’s magic is as fast, violent, and seemingly unstoppable as their physical prowess.

Role: Masters of the battlefield, bloodragers unleash fearful carnage on their enemies using their bloodlines and combat prowess. The bloodrager’s place is on the front lines, right in his enemies’ faces, supplying tremendous martial force bolstered by a trace of arcane magic.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Die: d10.

Bloodrager Class Information



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